Monday, May 22, 2006


Just a brief post today to say that Dad got the all clear at his appointment!!! We were all expecting the worse but it turns out there is just a little thickening at the site of his previous op that the radiologist thought could have been cancer cells. The consultant really doesn't think so but says, even if it is, it will be very easy to treat. They will check it out in a few weeks. I am so relieved!!!

William is a bit better too. He is still very wheezy and has a cough that is frequently turning him purple but is a little more energetic. His bloods today showed an Hb of 13! Fantastic - thanks to his transfusion of packed red cells last week. His liver enzymes are high though, which was not a surprise as his liver is currently huge and bulging. This shows his liver is getting a bit cross with the combination of TPN and a chest infection. All this takes its toll in the long term so we could really do with as little extra illness as possible. He is also breaking out in the most horrible red and angry excema in huge patches. I think he is a little bit run down at the moment - still smiling though as always!


Shadow said...

Brilliant news for your Dad!!!

Have you tried Lush's Dream Cream for William's eczema? It worked wonders on Tallin's (as did homeopathy, but the Cream is the only thing I can use on my dry skin - anything else just doesn't touch it). Also there's been mention of Milk Thistle for liver probs? Don't know anything and I guess this should be an email, but I've written it now! Sorry. I hope things pick up soon for the little man. xxxx

Tinypoppet said...

yayayayayay YAY!

diddyangel said...

YAY :D I'm so happy about your dad and that Wills is on the up , you deserve a medal you really do!