Monday, May 01, 2006

Happy Mayday!!!

We had a wonderful May Holiday weekend. On Friday, a very good friend from the neonatal unit called. Her son was like William, in and out of intensive care and up and down. We spent many a time in the parent's room and agonising over a few mls of milk in the expressing room! Our boys are now nearly 2 and we keep talking of meeting up so this time I said - why not tomorrow! So we met on Saturday and had a lovely time at the farm and at a Mayfair near by. It was so lovely to see the little tiny, sick babies now toddling and lovely to meet again in more relaxed times - we willl keep in touch so much better and have already penciled in plans for a Thomas the Tank Engine show in August. We had a ride on a little steam train at the fair and the boys loved it. William was in his element and didn't want to go away when we had finished the ride, He just wanted to stand for ages and say "bye-bye, bye-bye".

We decided to come back ot the fair today as Ellie wanted to watch more of the May-pole dancing and I knew Wills would love to see more of the train. Hope just wanted more from the chocolate fountain stall! Paul was away at a hen-weekend the previous time (wearing a dress!) so he fancied taking William to see the train again. We had a great afternoon. The sun came out and it was a great atmosphere. The girls had hair braids and Ellie and William joined in the May-pole dancing. You can just about see him dancing with Mummy in the picture. When William had had enough, Mummy and Daddy enjoyed hot cider punch while Ellie carried on! Hard to believe this was all in the middle od South London.

Over the last couple of days I have really been struggling with what could happen to Wills. It is really stupid because he is so well at the moment, maybe that is why I feel able to think such thoughts as they really are only fears at the moment, where at other times could be too close to home. I have found myself really choked up at the most ridiculous of things, seeing William enjoying himself with his sisters, the way he is developing his favourite things. He is so developing as a little person now. I just wish someone could tell us what his future will be. I have made a pact with myself to make sure that every day has a happy memory for all of us. I don't want to waste a single day.

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Tinypoppet said...

hi Sarah,
I dont think it is stupid that your fears are surfacing now - when I am at my most poorly I seem to cope ok mentally, it is when I recover and things are going well that things fall to pieces in my head! It is a frightening prospect that of course you are going to think about, and should you ever need to chat you know where I am...

You are such a sensible person, just keep on taking every day at a time and enjoying your gorgeous family. Sending lots of love xxx