Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Busy Day

A very interesting day! This morning I had an interview for another part time job I can do from home..and the good news is...I got it! Will post more about that tomorrow when it is all formalised. As I had William cover for the day I then went to meet the lovely Emily AKA Angel. We chatted for hours (boy can we both talk!) and I couldn't believe that I had never actually met her before. I had such a chilled day and had no idea that poor Wills was having yet another little problem. The poor thing has been really uncomfortable this afternoon and has been passing fresh blood. I wasn't told over the phone as Paul had made all the phone calls and taken him to the hospital for blood tests and there was nothing more I could do...except stress!!! The blood clotting looks OK but we have to contact the Chelsea and Westminster if he passes anymore so we have another night and morning hoping all is OK and wondering if we will be back in hospital again. Both Paul and I are pretty nervous and squemish about what we might find so are both pleading with the other to change him at the moment ;-)


Shadow - who isn't stalking on here - honest! said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that you don't find anything untoward!

Glad you had a lovely time with Emily. I look forward to meeting you both - two very special ladies.

Shadow said...

Oooh and big CONGRATULATIONS on the new job!!!!

diddyangel said...

Sorry to hear wills has had a few problems. I hope they resolve themselves. I'm glad you met em, i bet you had a fab time she's lovely :) xxxx