Monday, May 29, 2006

Godstone Farm

Today we were determined to fit a family day out into our 6 hours off TPN. It was one of those very rare occasions we were all free too! There is a fantastic chidren's farm that we found out was close enough to get there and back and still enjoy a good 3 hours fun. William had his first real close encounter with a rabbit which he was really fascinated in. He was pretty gentle too and the little bunny was definately used to toddlers stroking a little too close to the eyes. He also loved the "cows" and "neighs" and "baas" but best of all was the tractor! Yes, the genetic little boy obsession with all things vehicle seems to have been well and truely switched on at late. On Saturday, his Godmother sent him a little "Bertie Bus" who has been racing "Thomas the Tank Engine" all over the house ever since. William kept running back to his beloved "tata". In fact, he ran everywhere, even up and down some very steep banks on the nature walk and woodland maze. He really does pack his whole day into these 6 precious hours! We also enjoyed the vast stretch of adventure playground where the girls loved the zip wire and William had a fantastic time on the swings and in the sandpit. We even found the time for a cup of coffee and huge slap of cake while all 3 children sat in a very intense pow-wow on the grasss looking very deep in discussion. I was gutted that my camera was out of battery at that point as I forgot to charge it this morning.

On Friday we are off to a special evening opening at the zoo with all the other CHASE families. That will be great and Paul's Glyndebourne rehearsal has been moved from that day so another rare opportunity for a special family time - two in one week! William is just about ready to get a lot from it too as he is really showing an interest in seeing all the animals now. He has come on so far from just a couple of months ago when I first took him to our closest city farm and he really didn't pay a huge amount of attention. Now he just keeps going back to say "bye bye" to everything and watch some more (bye bye being his word for hello and goodbye!).

Tomorrow, we are off to Kings Hospital for William's liver scan and to see his liver consultant. By coincidence, his bilirubin today is the highest it has been in months - still OK at the moment but I don't like upward trends. A good time for his Kings appointment though as they will, hopefully, be able to nip anything in the bud.


Shadow said...

How wonderful to read this. Ilan and I are reminiscing about our visits to Godstone farm when Nayan was quite small! It's so lovely to see them with the animals - and yes, of course, the tractor, both Nayan and Tallin's first word (although Ocean seems to have managed car and shoes!).

Fingers crossed for your hospital visit.

diddyangel said...

Glad you had a nice trip to the farm. Look forward to hearing how you get on today. Lots of love xxxx