Sunday, November 26, 2006

Poorly again!

We are back in hospital again as William woke up from an afternoon sleep with a temperature of 39 degrees, way over our 38 degree cut off for a potential line infection. We had 2 rapid response cars and an ambulance this time - very dramatic. We now wait in hospital for 48 hours to see if it is a line infection or not. If it is, we will be on 2 weeks, if not, we can go home after 48 hours. He does have a cold so I am hoping it is just that. Have just popped home to pack so must get on.


Shadow said...

Big hugs to you all! Fingers crossed it's just a cold and you'll both be home again in no time.

I'm glad to read GOSH went well, as far as it went. Well in the sense of the tests got done finally without too much discomfort for William. What next though? It sounds more complicated than before?

Sarah, you really are an inspirational mother, I wish I could be half the mum to my kids! Where do you get the energy from???

Love to all.xxxxxxxx

Katie H said...

Just to say my fingers are crossed that it is 'just' a cold and that William is feeling a lot better again soon.

You are often in my thoughts,