Sunday, November 19, 2006

A lovely day

Today was a lovely day and William had the time of his life. A few days ago, I was walking form playgroup with William and a guy on a bike stopped us and told me about a cycling club at our local running track where there were loads of adapted bikes so everyone can join in. It is called "cycling for all" and I have never seen so many different types of bike. We went down this morning to investigate and the children had a great time (as did Mum). It was lovely to do something active we could all join in with. William tried a tricycle where he could wind the handle bars around with his hands to power the wheels, rather than use pedals. He really got the idea but, unfortunately, could not reach the handle bars and sit safely at the same time (I'm sure steering would have been interesting too!). So, instead, we tried an adapted side by side bike and a really cool, but terrifying to begin with, T-bike where William sat in a chair in front. The T bike has 2 wheels at the front and one at the back, like a back to front tricycle. It was really hard to steer until I got used to it but we were quickly away. William beamed and beamed and instructed "come on" and "ready steady go" whenever we paused. It was pretty hard work, especially the "side by side" as it was a recumbent and much tougher on the thighs than a usual type of bike.

The fun continued in the afternoon with a "tuneful teatime" tea dance in our new church hall. We all went, even Paul, and had a lovely afternoon tea and danced to the orchestra. Well, William, Ellie and I did. Paul was not quite up to dancing yet and Hope was busy having chatting by the water feature in the courtyard. It is meant to be a remembrance garden but the children are adopting it for their "heart to hearts".

All in all, a fun day with much smiling and laughter.

Grandma and Grandad arrive tomorrow, ready to look after Hope and Ellie while William and I go into Great Ormond Street for 2 nights on Tuesday. Let's hope they don't cancel again!

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