Monday, November 27, 2006

It is a line infection!

Well, we have it confirmed that William has another line infection. These things come on SO suddenly and make him so poorly. We have come very close to loosing him with one so we are pretty nervous about them. He is now on the right IV antibiotics - 3 of them. We will find out in the next couple of days if it will be necessary for him to go into theatre to remove the line and put a new one in. I so hope this isn't the end of a spell of being poorly - it is getting so near to Christmas. He intestines are also playing up with loads of wind, aspirate and explosive nappies. We think this is due to some syrupy sedation he was given at GOSH last week that is sitting around in his intestines and fermenting as well as causing an infection that has now got into the line. Well, have come home to tea, thanks to Granny (Paul's Mum) and am now back to the hospital.


Anonymous said...

See you on Thursday to look after the girls for as long as you need us. Hope the antibiotics do their job quickly so William will feel well for his first Christmas at home. Stay positive! Love Mum

Becky said...

Big huge giant hugs to William.

When Dylan had his port infection back in September it was terrifying, it came on very very quickly, he had been fine that morning, and then he woke up from an afternoon nap groggy, and things went downhill from there. By 9 pm that night, he was being rushed into hospital with suspected meningitis!

I really really hope that the iv's do the trick and get rid of the line infection, as the last thing he needs is more surgery. With Dylan, he had to have the surgery, because his port broke due to the infection, so even though the bug was cleared by the Vancomycin, the infection had done damage.

Fingers tightly crossed for sweet William.

Becky, Seren & Dylan xxxxxxxx

Shadow said...

Sending big hugs Sarah. I do hope that this infection is knocked on the head quickly and that is it, home for Christmas.

Love to all.xxxxxxxx

Tinypoppet said...

Thinking of you xxx