Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Happy Boy at Playgroup

Hooray!! William managed a whole afternoon at playgroup today without the need to hold onto my finger! I stayed in there all afternoon by himself and seemed to have a lovely time and even managed to cover himself in orange paint. Unfortunately, I don't have a lovely smiley picture to accompany this as I was in the parents room with a cup of tea!

After playgroup we had Ellie's parents evening. She is doing really well and is a "joy to teach". We have Hope's tomorrow. Tommorow will also find us visiting St Giles, the school it is likely William will go to for nursery in September. We will go with our Portage worker who will then begin the long process of obtaining William's statement of special educational needs. St Giles is a school for children with complex medical conditions and/or physical disabilities. There, he would get his education, together with physio, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, hydrotherapy and nursing care.

On Friday, we are seeing the neurologist about William's ataxia and involuntary spasms and movements. That will be really interesting.


Katie H said...

Hi Sarah

I have just caught up with your blog and wanted to say a v big well done for all your running! Also to send a hug to William and let you know I am thinking of you.


Shadow x said...

Ditto Katie!! You're doing fantastically with the running!
So proud of William too, what a big boy at playschool, it sounds as if he's settling in. Well done to the girls (I'm sure they've BOTH done really well!!).
I'll get into gear and email you soon - bit busy here.
lots of love and hugs to all.