Monday, July 27, 2009

William's 'Favourite Day Ever'!!

Well, it had to be something to do with Thomas...

When Wills was in Birmingham, recovering from transplant, he saw Thomas Land at Drayton Manor being advertised on TV. He asked over and over if he could go there when he was better and 'could mix again'. Today was the day. Grandma, William, Ellie and I went off to Thomas Land, leaving Hope and home with Grandad. In fact, Hope had an ideal teenage day - in PJs all day long and the day shared between the TV and Computer!! We had loads of fun in Thomas Land and Wills was a real daredevil - going on all the rides he was able to go on. I was a bit less care free as, due to his cerebral palsy, he has limited core strength and is a bit wobbly at the pelvis. While he was screaming with delight, I, or Mum, were holding him tightly to stop him falling. We had to draw the line at 'Trevor's driving school' as they were bumber cars in the shape of the tractor with no belt or way of holding him in and he would have to sit on his own. Cranky was also out as he would have to sit on his own and be dropped up and down at a great height! He went on everything else though. Maybe there is no fear left for fairground rides when you have been so poorly, had such huge operations, including a transplant and had so much to go through in recovery. I was almost relieved when he showed a little fear on the 'troublesome trucks rollercoaster'.
William declared the day his 'favourite day ever' and he was still singing Thomas songs in bed and studying his map of Thomas land at 10pm this evening! This was another day where I constantly felt so lucky we still have William and so thankful to his donor family.


Molly said...

Thanks for sharing the photos Sarah, sounds like you had a lovely day.

Take care,
Moll x x

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you had a lovely day. The photos are lovely :)

Emma x

Becky said...

Glad you had such a great day - lovely photos!

Becky xx