Tuesday, July 21, 2009

School Holidays Day 2

I am not going to blog like this every day of the school holidays - I promise you!

But, today was also rather eventful:

  • For the first time in months, William's blood tests are a bit out, particularly his blood counts. He is fine in himself though so I am hoping it is an inaccuracy. Still, until they have been repeated and we know we have a little hint at something to be concerned about. We have had a good run with not a single worry so it is overdue really. Hopefully, it is all something and nothing. I am waiting to hear back from Birmingham.

  • I got my first proper professional photography booking :) The first of many I hope.

  • I was live on Radio 4 -You and Yours you can listen here I am on in the first 10 minutes, second caller. I started listening but had to switch off a few seconds after hearing myself but others say it came across well.

  • Ellie and I stumbled into what looked like a huge police arrest in The Whitgift Centre only to discover it was filming for The Bill, complete with all the big stars (most of whom we recognised from Eastenders rather than The Bill)

  • I got my long awaited for Canon 5D camera - afterall, if I am a pro, I had better have pro kit. Have played with it already and you can see the difference even when just playing. I had been saving up and then, when I was ready to jump, no-one had any and I promised myself the next one I saw would be mine. I went into Jessops today for a memory card and there it was...

  • I wrote an article highlighting the number of people who die waiting for transplants to send out to all those publications currently obsessed with mortality statistics.

  • Hope did not dye her hair as I am photographing the children as part of a magazine educational shoot with a pro tomorrow. However, she did buy it ready to do the next day.

All in all, a very productive day with lots more little signs that things are coming together and plans I am making are beginning to come into fruition. I need a master plan to tie them all together though. That is my next job.


Molly said...

Sorry to hear about Wills' blood results. I hope you soon hear from BCH and that the results were just an inaccuracy or a blip. Glad he's well in himself :)

Well done on such a productive day. Enjoy playing with your new camera. I thought you were brilliant on Radio 4 this morning! :D

Good luck with your masterplan.
Take care,
Moll x x

Aunty P said...

If it's red dye it's nothing to do with me!! ;)