Monday, July 20, 2009

School Holidays Day 1

  • William, who has been out of nappies for three months now (a pleasant surprise to us all as we didn't know if he had control or not) had so many 'accidents' I actually lost count.

  • Hope and Ellie went into town on their own to watch Harry Potter - and managed to loose each other on the way home.

  • Ellie and William chanted incessantly that they wanted their birthday presents today.

  • Getting up an hour later resulted in the feeling I was playing 'catch up' all day - so alarm set for 6.30 tomorrow.

  • Hope has now gone to the aid of a best friend who tried to dye her hair 'chocolate' and it is now 'ginger'. Hope plans to dye her own hair tomorrow!!

Please all you pandemic planners, do not keep the schools closed in September. Swine flu has got to be better than insanity!!


This is the first school holiday that we have been together for in three years!! Ellie and William will have their birthdays together next week. William has been in hospital for all but one if his so far. I am enjoying collapsing on the sofa with the remnants of the chaos all around me and reaching for a very full glass of red wine. This is the stress that every other Mum experiences and is much better than the stress I was under this time last year when we were in hospital awaiting transfer to Birmingham for an urgent transplant assessment.


Kimbows said...

This post has really made me smile after having a stressful day thank you.
All this and it's only day one!!!

Molly said...

Glad you're enjoying a school holiday all together as a family. It sounds like today has been very hectic though, so I hope you get some calm over the next 6 weeks.

Take care,
Moll x x

Anonymous said...

Only another 6 weeks to go! ;o) Hopefully there will be some slightly calmer days to come though! Fingers crossed that Hope's hair dying goes more sucessfully than her friend's! Jx

Anonymous said...

Glad your enjoying the hoildays as a family, hope you get some calm over the next 6 weeks to.

Emma x x