Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Take 2 minutes to be a hero

You can be a hero today and it will only take you 2 minutes!
We are looking forward to a happy family summer this year and this is possible because William got his gift of life in November last year. Countless families are still living in the agonising uncertainty that is life on the transplant waiting list. Of these people still waiting, 1000 will not be here to celebrate the 2010 New Year because their gift simply will not come in time to save them. If it were not for our wonderful donor family, that could have included us.
Today is world health day and the lovely Holly, herself a recepient of a kidney transplant last year, is heading a campaign to celebrate world health day by making it Donor Day - a day where people are encouraged to think about organ donation and sign the donor register. You may have seen Holly on GMTV this morning and, if you are in London, have a look at the front page of a Metro - they have changed their banner to advertise Donor Day.
Please, please join the GMTV and Metro team be a hero today by visiting http://www.thegiftoflife.org.uk/ to read all about Holly and her project and sign the organ donor register. It will only take you 2 minutes, as long as it takes to boil your kettle for a cup of tea so go on, put the kettle on and drink your tea knowing that you have just become a hero.
Still need convincing?
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Sarah's Mum said...

Always meant to and have now done it! Love Mum xxxx