Sunday, April 05, 2009

New blog and website

I have another new blog. I have started one to record my journey through the 'Gifts of Life project. You can find this new blog here I promise I will keep them all updated regularly.

Gifts of Life also now has its own website here

For now though, my attention is turning to Spring cleaning my kitchen cupboards and the girl's bedroom. Those who know what that will entail will know that will take a big part of today (and will involve a good few strong words between the two sisters).

Wills is still well. As we were told to expect, it is taking a while for him to get shot of the cold but he is well in himself. Couldn't ask for more.


Molly said...

The new Gifts of Life website looks great :) And I'm now following the Gifts of Life blog.

Good luck with your spring cleaning today. My bedroom really needs tidying, but I keep putting it off, as it's such a big job ;)

I'm glad Will is doing so well and I hope his cold doesn't linger for too much longer.

Moll x x

Sarah's Mum said...

Good luck with the kitchen cupboard and bedroom!!!!! Mum xxxxxx

daisymama said...

could you come and do Xanthe's room when you have finished, there are entire ecosystems living under her bed at the moment and I have given up trying to get her to hang clothes up, I mean, what are wardrobes for except to shove stuff into the bottom of......