Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Easter Holidays in Isolation

Wills TPN and line free, off to investigate some trees

First daisy chain of the year

Back to the daisy chain

Wills enjoying some rough and tumble play with Hope (until his bag leaked in spectacular fashion!)

Showing William the daisies

Ellie frantically picking daisies to finish her chain when William's bag dictated we made a hasty retreat home

Today should have seen us off to CHASE Hospice for our first holiday together in four years. Unfortunately, another child arrived with chickenpox which is a huge deal for Wills post transplant so we had to cancel. We are all very disappointed as we had lots planned and Wills has a lot more space to enjoy in his isolation. Still, we are determined to make the best of the holidays and decided to make the most of the sun this afternoon and head for the park. There were too many children in the playground which was nice in a way as we were forced to make our own games. We are heading off to another park a bit further away tomorrow as we plan to be more organised and go as soon as one feed is finished (and with extra stoma bags with us in case!). If the sun shines warm enough, we may even have a picnic - looking at Ellie in her sundress you would think it was already hot but the rest of us had a couple of layers on today!

It is a challenge keeping them all happy. Thanks so so much to Postpals and to the wonderful people who have sent the children Easter activities to do. We will be making the most of them over the next few days. At least this year we have plenty of time for making hot cross buns and easter cakes. It is a while since I have done that. Hot cross buns is planned for tomorrow. In many ways, it is nice to have to simplify life so much. I am looking forward to the end of the isolation period though. Just another 5 weeks to go.

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Molly said...

Lovely photos Sarah. I'm glad you're making the most of Easter and the warm-ish weather, despite not being able to go to the hospice.

The isolation period will be over before you know it :)

It was lovely to meet you yesterday and I'm looking forward to seeing you again and meeting Wills at the family day in June :D

Moll x x