Saturday, December 01, 2007

What happened to November?

We didn't manage to stay home! William got sicker very quickly over night 3 weeks ago so we went to our local hospital. Within hours, we were blue lighted across London to our Chelsea pad and the line was out the next day. Wills had a week on fluids with no line. Peripheral access is a nightmare so it was an unpleasant and plainful time with lots of cannulas and nasty, strong drugs being given into veins. He had a new line and is getting over his infections. However, he now has issues with electrolyte balance due to all the antibiotics he has been on. He is back on hospital TPN at the moment but we are hoping to get him back onto home formulation soon. He is also very gassy and, just to thrown something new into the mix, has started passing blood in his constant watery stools. His poor botty is so sore too, because of the constant nappies, that he is needing IV pain relief. They are planning to see how he is over the weekend, now his antibiotics have finished, and see what to do next. He was due to have further exploratory surgery in Spring but this has been prioritised further now and they want it to be early in the New Year. There is a chance he may even have it before Christmas. There is also a small (but I think growing chance) he will need an illeostomy before Christmas if the gas and discomfort carries on. If his colon is broken down from all the gass and watery stool, in the same way his bottom is, he may need it to rest everything so it can recover. We need to find out what is causing it all.

So, another interesting run up to Christmas with the heart break of being separated from the girls at such a special time of year.We are all due to be going on a Santa Special flight for Gatwick on Wednesday. None of the children have flown as holidays abroad are out of the question at the moment. The trip is with the Variety Club and organised through the hospice. I asked if I could liberate Wills for the day but the consultant's response was very clear! I will still go with the girls though and I'm sure the day will be all the more special for them by having Mummy to themselves with no William and hassles around TPN and drugs.


diddyangel said...

Am so sorry that poor wills has been so poorly! I hope you have a lovely day with the girls you really deserve some quality time together its a shame it cna't be all the family together but enjoy the time with the girls. It sounds like it is constantly one thing after another for you. I hope YOU are keeping ok. Sending big hugs to you all. Lots of love x x x x

Shadow said...

Big hugs to you all hun. Poor, poor William, I hope he's bearing up ok. And YOU, as Charlie says, look after YOURSELF too!!
Have a good time with the girls.
Thinking of you all.
love and hugs.

Katie H said...

Hi Sarah, so sorry to hear that William is having such a tough time again, I do hope that he's allowed home in time for Christmas for you. Have a lovely time on the flight with the girls. Katie x

Rebecca said...

Sending you all lots of hugs.

Poor Wills! I can't believe how poorly he's been! I really hope they can find something to help him soon.

Have a lovely day with the girls, I hope it will be relaxing and special for you all.

Hope you can all be well for Christmas and have a lovely time.

Lots of hugs,

Becky xxx

Tinypoppet said...

sorry to hear things are rough lovely Sarah...thinking of you all

Hope Milne said...

PlZzzzzzzzzzzz put some photos on your blog
miss you xxxx