Friday, November 09, 2007

Unwelcome return visitors

The full report on William's blood cultures came back today. He has the same bug in his line he had a few weeks ago :-( This is not good news as it means the little blighters have been hanging around and building up again when we stopped the IVs just a week or so before he got sick again. The IV of choice now is called imipenin. We were going to start that today but pharmacy felt it a bit too complicated to measure and prepare for home. It would have meant hour long infusions every 6 hours - not much chance to sleep. We can use something else called merepenin. This can be pushed rather than infused and is 8 hourly. He was on this last time. Fingers crossed it does the trick or we will have to go in to have imipenin, or may even loose the line :-( He only had it in at the end of August and has had 2 lots of infection, from the same but, already. I have to admit, I got a bit teary when they told me it was the same bug. He has had 7 line infections since the start of the summer. This year, he has lost 4 lines to infection. This is a bit worrying as there are only so many sites that can be used.

We have had a lovely day today though. William got his new static chair - he had chosen bright orange "like Murdoch" so I bought him a Murdoch engine to go with it. He has spent most of the day pushing this around the tray. When I did prize it off him, we collected leaves and painted them in Autumn colours for leaf printing (just like in CBEEBIES for those of you who have little ones too). Despite still feeling grotty, William had a "driving lesson" on 'bugsy', the special training powered wheelchair yesterday. He was really beginning to get the hang of it. We played games like throwing a ball and going after it. He was beginning to drive a lot more smoothly but still has a lot to learn before he will be deemed safe to drive and allowed his very own powered chair.


diddyangel said...

Hope William is much better now and you survived the Ivs and managed to squeeze some sleep in there somewhere. Sending big hugs x x x

Susan McHopwood said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!!!!!!

Sorry to hear from Mum H that you are still in hospital with William. Wishing you both a speedy return home.

With all our love and warm wishes,
Susan & Phil