Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ups and Downs

The pictures you see here are of my beautiful daughters. We had a fab time last week on a Thomas Cook/Variety Club "Flight of Dreams". We met the Samantha and Amanda from Big Brother and Father Christmas managed to get his sleigh along side the plane and climb in! He was our exercising his reindeer. We had a lovely time. Sadly, Wills was not allowed to escape to join us.

William has been sent lots of messages on Giraffes, as well as some new cuddly friends, as he has been featured on the CHASE Christmas fundraising campaign. He is loving them all and they are really cheering him up. He is still fighting endless infections and in a lot of discomfort. The doctors have now agreed that he needs an urgent illeostomy but there is still much debate as to whether it will be before Christmas. His usual surgeon is away so the decisions are surounding whether another surgeon should do it or if we should wait until our man returns at the end of January. It is really frustrating. I just want them to get on and do it so he can start recovering and get home!

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Tinypoppet said...

Thinking of you lovely Sarah....beautiful pics of the girls :) xx