Friday, November 02, 2007


Thanks for your wishes We went to the hospital to put Wills on his TPN. Thankfully, this time there was no repeat of the horrible evening a few weeks ago. We can't afford to take risks though and we will do exactly the same thing another time. All 3 children have rotten colds. Hope and Ellie are fine, just coughing and husky. William is termed a "medically fragile" child so anything extra takes its toll. We will keep an eye on him over the next few days, keep him on his monitors over night and have a low threshold for using oxygen if he struggles a bit over night. Winter is a hard time for these children and we feel like we are constantly on edge. I hope we have a healthy run soon. It is tough for the whole family as the grandparents are always wondering if they will be needed too. As you may have grasped from this blog of late, we can get a bit frazzled! Wills is booked into the hospice for New Year and the girls are at their Dad's. Paul and I are planning a couple of days away together for the first time since William was born. That should do us heaps of good

Love to all those other parent's of medically fragile little ones. I pray they all stay as healthy as possible over the winter months ahead.


Shadow said...

Fingers crossed the children are all fully recovered from their colds very soon. Big hugs to you all.

And you have to make sure you get that time out after xmas. You NEED it!!!


Rebecca said...

Lots and lots of hugs to you all.

Really hope that Hope, Ellie and William are all over their colds very soon and that William's doesn't turn into anything more sinister.

I can hear how much you're looking forward to that time away already! I hope that everything goes smoothly and you do get that time away and that it does you the power of good.

Lots of hugs!

Becky xxx

Hoppers said...

We went to the hospital, did we?!!! Still, glad we're going on hols..