Friday, October 26, 2007

Half Term

The pictures show
1. ALl the medical stuff and nappies that arrived on Monday - what on earth am I supposed to do with all of that? It is a months supply of things we need for William and is totally filling our little "lean to" I did have plans for that to be all arty and bohemian when I bought this house...

2. Ellie arriving home from Honey Pot (Hope would not be photographed!)

3. William attached to his ECG. All smiles but he has been having a very uncomfortable week this week with lots of windy and colic. I am very sorry for the large hole in the ozone layer above Croydon that has appeared this week! We will be without a car from Monday so should be able to do some carbon offsetting.
The last few days have been absolutely crazy.

The girls came back from the "Honey Pot" holiday in the New Forest, on Tuesday, having had a fantastic time. They went to a theme park, a country park, an otter sanctuary, had a halloween party, a cook out...they even had clothes stall where they could choose from donated clothing - all for free. They came home with treats and things they had made. The idea is that this is a respite break for children who need a break from home for various reasons. The timing was great for Hope and Ellie with William having just been very poorly again. He is still on IV antibiotics so we have been unable to have any big days out this half term. It was great they had this instead. They will remain members of the "Honey Pot Club" until they are 12 (not long for Hope) and will have newsetters, a Christmas party, play bus visits and a weekend at the house in the New Forest every year. They so deserve this and I have loved hearing all about it. There is a bit of sadness too as I would much rather we could do more as a family.

We have tried to make the best of half term within our constaints. William had his 24 hour ECG on Wednesday - Thursday so the appointments to put it on and take it off munched up the mornings. We wondered around town and went out for lunch on Wednesday. Yesterday, William's Granny came and we baked and made things out of salt dough. We will be painting them later today.

All of William's activities and visitors stop for half term and he is getting very fed up being stuck in his chair on the TPN until 2 each day. Next week, he begins his "driving lessons" on his electric chair. That will give him a great lease of life as he will, at last, be mobile on his TPN His walking is getting more and more weak and wobbly too so the chair is going to be fantastic.

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Shadow said...

OMG, gobsmacked by the amount in the first pic, particularly the nappies - for a month!!! I don't envy you changing that lot.

Honey Pot sounds fantastic, I'm glad the girls get some time out from everything. Just hope you do too!

Fingers crossed everything went well with the ECG, IVs, etc. And good luck with William's driving - have you got the L plates ready??

Love and hugs.