Sunday, October 28, 2007

The extra hour

So, what did you do with it? I had planned to get up and do William's IV drugs as if there was no extra hour, so at yesterday's 6am/today's 5am. I then planned to go out and run and be back by the time everyone else was busying around getting ready. Did that Instead, my alarm went off at 5 but I switched it onto doze and ended up giving William his drugs at today's 7am - so an hour late if a normal day, now 2 hours late!

Oh well, it has been a very hectic couple of weeks. Paul has been singing in Birmingham most evenings, getting back in the early hours of the morning. Of course, that has made him very tired. It has also left me doing everything for Wills both late at night and early in the morning, making me tired too. We obviously needed the extra hour of sleep and i can get my run in later.

I have just realised that the hour is going to mess up all William's timings. The biggest impact will be on his TPN. It should stop at 2 but, of course, willl stop at 1 today - just as I am on the field finishing the football session. Not the best place for aseptic procedures! It is the last day of his IV antibiotics today - hooray!!! Now we have to keep everything crossed that the little blighters in his line have well and truley gone. He has been having a few low grade fevers over the last couple of days. Probably all due to winter viruses but we are really hoping the bugs won't come back. Our biggest fear is the yeast and fungal infections he often seems to get in his line after having domestos style IVs to kill the bacteria. A few nervy days of watching for signs and symptoms are ahead of us!

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