Saturday, December 23, 2006

Joining in with Christmas Fayre

Well, William has finally realised that he is missing out on something. We met our friends, Jo and her son Alex, for lunch yesterday and William wanted to join in. He was happy with an empty bowl but we decided to get him some play food. Later, when we went for coffee and cake, William very much enjoyed joining in with his wooden bread! He was chuffed to bits with his special food as he can safely chew on it and copy us. He has played with real food before (he will only touch very hard stuff like toast) but will panic if he gets the slightest crumb in his mouth. He was equally pleased with the wooden food during breakfast this morning, playing a great game of chewing the tomato and handing it round so we could share it with him and all proclaim in it "deeisus". I have a sneaking suspician that Father Christmas has managed to find a wooden orange for the bottom of William's stocking.

We are still hoping that this Christmas will be one spent at home. Unfortunately, William's hickman line has decided to split! we thought we would have to go back to Chelsea and Westminster today but, luckily, he has two lumens and we have sealed and clamped one off. He will need to go in for a new line next week but, as long as he doesn't develop an infection as a result of this, we can stay home for Christmas. We are nervous though as it will have been a huge infection risk to have the line split as TPN had leaked out so goodness knows what could have got in. Let's hope we are lucky!

The girls are at their Dad's for Christmas. This is always hard for me and I really miss them on Christmas Day. They will be home for New Year and we will open their presents, as well as ones from them to the rest of us, then. I have posted the pictures of the great skating trip on here.

Marathon training is going very well so far. I have my first long run tomorrow. I have discovered podcasts as a great way to pass the time while training. There is such a wealth of interesting stuff out there. I have some short stories read by Jarvis Cocker of Pulp, Dicken's Christmas Carol, The Russel Brand Radio Show and a podcast all about the series "Lost" (my absolute favourite!) to work through for now. I think some audio books would also be worth investing in as the long runs get longer.

Fundraising has got off to a good start too. Thank-you so much those of you who read this who have sponsored me!

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