Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Thomas Fest

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. We had a really good day. I missed the girls and Chrismas is never the same when they are at their Dad's but this is the way with so many modern families and we made the best of it by making sure William had a really good time. He had a fab day. This was the first birthday or Christmas where he has really got the idea of presents and he really enjoyed tearing off the paper to see what was inside. The minute he saw the slightest hint that there was something to do with Thomas the Tank Engine inside he was overjoyed! It really was "Thomas Fest". He had some fantastic things, including his first football.

Wiliam was a shephard in the Sunday school nativity in church on Christmas morning. He refused to wear his head dress so really just looked like a little boy in a dressing gown! Sorry Shadow, no photos as the only time he looked remotely like anything other than William in a dressing gown was when he was around the fire with the others or carrying his lamb to Jesus and I couldn't take any then. He made everyone laugh by singing "coloured houses" from "Balamory" while the shephards were supposed to be sleeping and then, having been carefully pushed around the church and back down to the stable in Darlie Dair by a carefully trained shephard, he insisted that Daddy should have the lamb and kept on and on with "Daddy deep, Daddy deep" until I eventually gave it to Paul. Paul doesn't usually come with us to church but did think that, while he is still unable to sing in his professional choir on a Sunday morning, it may be worth coming with us to watch Wills entertain. William does usually manage some amusing moment in a church service. This is generally accepted but I did have to remove him from the church when he started singing the Thomas theme during the silence on Remembrance Sunday.

After church, we went for a walk and swing in the park and then had lunch and set to work on the presents. I got a fab piece of equipment, a GPS system, that measures how far and how fast I am running, as well as alarming to tell me to go faster etc. This will be invaluable for marathon training. Paul had an I-pod with a huge memory to store his hundreds of CDs. My GPS also tells me how many calories I burn while running and let me tell any of you who want to lose the festive pounds - it burns up LOADS!!! Another of the many benefits of running. Christmas cake and mince pies until April then! I did suggest that to Paul in jest but he did seem to think that making fruit cakes until the marathon would actually be a good idea. He could be right, packed full of energy and much nicer than energy bars.

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