Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Tip Top Day!!!

Wow, what an excellent day! For once, this was a special day for one of the girls and William stayed well all day enabling it to happen without stealing Mummy away. Hope was on the TV show "Smile" this morning. She was selected through school to be one of the first children in the studio for the first series. We rehearsed on Friday and were up bright and 5.30... to go into the studios to take part in the live show this morning. The children took part in various funny and messy games and sketches throughout the morning and then in a girls v boys head to head computer game challenge. They had to shout out instructions rather than take the controls themselves which proved really tricky. Hope was so excited and really got into the spirit of the show all morning. When it came to the games, they were playing for a family trip to Alton Towers, including the park and stay in a hotel. She played a blinder in her computer game (and got very very excited to everyone's amusment - her shrieks of "down right down" will be a legend in this house for some time!).. And guess what, they won! She was so so happy. I am into the taking part being more important but I am so pleased for her because she so deserves a special treat. Siblings of sick children go through so so much and the attention tends to be on the poorly one. The whole family get to go with her on her prize. I would never have planned a trip like this around William, but now I have been prompted to, I am so looking forward to it. I will make it work for Hope and Ellie and we will work things out, whatever is happening. It is so great for them to have something really special to look forward to. Meanwhile, we have already watched the show on video 3 times!!! I am so proud of her. Ellie went to stay with her Uncle Chris and 4 cousins and they watched Hope on TV together which was much more exciting than on her own and William's fantastic Granny came very early to look after him as Paul was singing.

It has been a strange Easter. It is the first year I haven't made it to church at all over the Easter period and I really felt it on Good Friday and today. Hope was in the studio rehearsing all day on Friday and, of course, this morning. She had this opportunity for this day only and I wanted her to have it - it was a huge thing for her. We chatted and told stories through the week so did make a point of keeping it in our own way. As for the choccie - we did fit some in but the Easter Egg hunt will happen tomorrow...

How nice to post about such an exciting day and such a happy and special one for the girls!!!


Shadow said...

What a lovely positive post Sarah. I hope you all have a fabulous time at Alton Towers, it will make a great spring/summer day out for the girls!!
Happy Easter to you all.
Shadow x

Tinypoppet said...

So fantastic to read that you and the family had such a lovely easter Sarah. Much love, Em (Angel) xx