Saturday, April 22, 2006

Another lovely day

This photo was on our old blog on the previous site so I am posting it again as it is such a lovely one of the 3 children together.

We had another lovely afternoon out today. We went to a museum and lovely gardens and saw some more animals (both in the museum and garden). William enjoyed going round saying "bye bye" to everything in the natural history part of the museum. The girls and I did an interactive session looking at some of the museum's musical instruments while William and Paul played outside. Ellie got the chance to show off some of what she had learned at an African drumming club she took part in at school last term. I actually had a splitting headache all day but the sun was shining, it was the last Saturday before Paul starts work at the Glyndeborne Opera Festival, and I am so determined to make the most of every day we are all together. I was right too because we all had a lovely time and the girls can't wait to go back there again. Tomorrow will be a home day though.

I finally got around to posting on the companion blog this evening. You always seem to get into these things when you have planned an early night!

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