Thursday, May 21, 2009

An incredible 6 months!!

Yesterday was 6 months since William's transplant!! What an incredible 6 months it has been and what a huge difference it has made to his life and to all of us.

I have blogged on the 'Gifts of Life' blog here a lot of what I would say here, and there are some pictures too, so please do hop over and have a read.

Just to add here, thanks so much to Jessica for 'Emily' the wonderful balloon William received through Postpals yesterday, on his half transplant birthday. Perfect timing. He absolutely adores 'her' and plays with 'her' nonstop. He always loves balloons but is having even more fun with it being a little person, whom he has named Emily.


Becky said...

Wow - I can't believe it's been six months. I've been following William's progress since before his transplant, through your blog and through Post Pals, and I have to say - tears came to my eyes seeing the photos of him on your other blog, from him being so ill to being such a happy looking boy. All my love,

Becky x

Molly said...

Wills looks so well, it's lovely to see. Off to look at your 'Gifts of Life' blog now.

Moll x x

Sarah's mum said...

You always had a way with words. All the emotions of the last months came flooding back as I looked at the photos and read your other blog--from cuddling the girls the night we heard the organ was available-waiting for news wanting to know but almost not daring to hear- wishing we were there to support you and give you a hug--dancing with joy when things went well and trying to be hopeful when they were not. So many emotions but above all thankfulness to the donor family and the skill of the medics.
You have been so strong through it all and Dad and I are proud of you.
Lots of love,
Mum xxx

Jac said...

Wow - can hardly believe it is 6 months!!!! But time really does fly post transplant. The first year can be full of hurdles, which will hopefully lessen as time goes on. At a year I can promise you the reality of 'normal' life starts to feel.....well, normal!
jac xxx

Aunty P said...

The photos on this and the gifts of life website are just amazing - to see how far he has come. you are all stars.xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I didn't realise it was 6 months already! He looks like he is thriving. What a blessing. :o)
I'm pleased 'Emily' arrived safely and is being enjoyed to the full!! Great name!
Hope you have a lovely holiday weekend,

Anonymous said...

Wonderful happy pics with lovely pink cheeks! Great to see this.
Best wishes, Tessa