Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hold the Front Blog Page!!!

It has been another amazing week and there is a lot to tell you about. This was going to be another newsy, catch up blog but something so exciting has just happened that all that can wait for the next few days. Such a major milestone deserves it's own 'front page!!' William has eaten a whole fromage frais this morning!! It is the first time he has done anything more than lick something. He decided he was going to do this yesterday to earn the engine Paul has waiting for him for when he eats a whole pot of fromage frais.He has known about this for ages and held the 'one day' view but, all of a sudden, he decided for himself it was time. I fed him to make it easier and he enjoyed the first half pot. It became a bit of an ordeal after that but we made it eventually.

This is great news as it has broken William's aversion to put anything into his mouth and swallow it. So, now it is a case of weaning. William needs to learn all the skills he should have learned in his late babyhood. I have told him that I will be feeding him various soft foods and purees every day from now on and will be a little forceful if necessary to get him to the stage of eating enough in the day to be able to stop his daytime gastrostomy feeds. If he eats a little something every day this week he gets a present on Friday. The next challenge will be to eat a little something at every meal time, and then he will get another pressie. After that, he will be expected to eat because he wants to and because he needs to. He just needs a little push to get started.

There is lots more news but it can all wait for a couple of days. The only other thing that I will tell you for now is that Wills is also out of nappies. He has been a total superstar over the last couple of weeks and we are so proud of him.


Becky said...

That's so great! Hope the progress continues :)


Becky xxx

Molly said...

Well done Wills :D That's such a great acheivement. I hope the progress continues. I know from experience that it'll take him a while to learn the skills he needs to eat, but once he gets there you wont be able to stop him eating! Really looking forward to catching up with you next month to chat more and to finally meet Wills! :D

Moll x x

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news :-)

Jax x(from the CF forum)

Sarah's mum said...

Well done Wills! Will be thinking of nice things to tempt you when you come to stay in the summer. Will be so nice to have you ALL to stay. Hope and Ellie will show you all the things they like to do here and we can spoil Mummy.
Lots of love,
Grandma and grandad x x x

Anonymous said...

Being quite a hands on Grandma to three girls can I just say what stars your mum and dad are. It bought quite a lump to my throat to read that they are going to spoil you when you all go to stay.
Only a mum could see what you've been through.
All the best to you all.
J x

Anonymous said...


Emily (not signed in)


Anonymous said...

Well Done Wills!!!

Emma xxxx

Anonymous said...

yay!! :O)