Thursday, March 26, 2009

'Gifts of Life'

Those who know me know that I never do things by halves. I had a bit of an idea a couple of weeks ago. After testing the water a bit, it has now grown into this...This is my project plan that is now out there in the world and people are already getting involved. It is hugely ambitious but, with a bit of help and support, I know I can pull it off. I am determined to. It could be really powerful and photography is the way I have been expressing our journey for quite some time now. It is time to take it wider. If you can help with any aspect then please let me know. It is going to be fun.

'Gifts of Life'


The aim of the project will be to capture people waiting for their gifts of life or who have received their gifts. I plan to spend a little time with participants, getting to know by having a cofee, a drink or some lunch or simply sharing a converstion before I get the camera. This is so I can capture the essense of their personality and the imact waiting for or having received their gift has on their life. The photos will be used in exhibitions and will form a photo book to create a piece of art aimed at raising awareness of organ donation. I hope to use this specifically to support and promote Live Life Then Give Life. All participants will be asked to sign a 'model release consent form' to give consent for their pictures to be used. The Photos The photos will consist of portraits, candid shots and shots of medical equipment, medications, treatment or hobbies and activities that are difficult pre-transplant and being enjoyed post. It will depend on what is important to capture to represent each individual. I will take a lot of pictures during each shoot to make sure I capture what is important (oh the joys of digital!)

Time Scales

Most of the photos will be taken during June and July 2009 (once William is out of isolation after his transplant and back at school enabling Mummy to get out and about again ) I may be able to take some pictures with people local to me (London) before then. I want to be able to include people all over the UK but this is being funded out of my own pocket and I don't drive so there will be limitations. Photos will be processed in August and September I hope to be able to hold some exhibitions in December to coincide with Christmas and the theme of a gift. Once the exhibtion has been created it can be put on wherever and whenever there is an opportunity.


The work will be compiled into an exhition that can be reused whenever there is an opportunity. There will also be a photo book that will be sold along side the exhibitions. The book will help offset costs and if there is any profit it will be donated to LLTGL. A facebook group to promote the project will be opened at the end of March 2009 and there will be a blog to enable people to follow the progress and see some of the work in progress.

How You Can Help and Get Involved

By being a participant and being photographed.

Helping promote the project among your networks

Helping organise an exhibition in your locality

If anyone knows of any body or company that may be able to sponsor any aspect of the project, please do let me know. I will make this as good as I can within my own finance but there are a lot of costs involved, especially in printing and framing pictures for an exhibition, potentially hiring a venue and in the up front cost of printing promotional materials and the photo books. Maybe you know of somewhere who would house and exhibition for free? Maybe you work for a company or firm who may be able to offer some sponsorship. I don't have any experience in this are of the project but just have a passion and a burn to create this and use it to promote awareness.

If anyone has any ideas please do let me know. I am not too proud to be helped in anyway or for someone to make any suggestions. Like I say, I just have a huge will to make it happen. It is hugely ambitious but I think it could be really powerful.


meg said...

Lumme, No wonder 'If you want to walk on water, you gotta get out of the boat' was an apt quote yesterday!

Best wishes, Meg

Holly said...

sounds great!! can't wait to chat when I get back about it!! xxx

Becky said...

This sounds great - if I think of any way I can help, I will do =]

Becky xx

Aunty P said...

Sounds great Sarah - let me know if you want any help or if we can be involved