Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Brightest of Mothering Sundays

Mothering Sunday Dawn

You Know I Don't Like Nystatin

Pensive At The Dinner Table

Looking and Feeling Great

After Dinner Games
Today, I had all my three children with me celebrating Mothering Sunday. This time last year, I would never have dreamed we would have seen William looking like this. The first thing I saw when I got up was the sun streaming into his bedroom, bathing it in colour and his little hand and foot sticking up over the cot, pointing towards the drip stand where his TPN is now replaced by a feed that he is absorbing SO well he is putting weight on too fast. We had a roast at lunch time and a 'Grandma's tea' of home made bread and treacle scones with cakes from the Sunday School bake sale. The children really love these meal times (once William has been prized from his beloved CBEEBIES) and often sit playing games while I clear up. William even managed five tiny licks of yogurt.
Hope and I went to a church quiet day yesterday and lit a candle for our donor's family, especially thinking of her Mother. We dedicated Christmas tree lights and Christmas and a candle today. I think light is going to be central to the way we choose to remember William's donor on these special days. That gift filled him with light so it is very appropriate.


Holly said...

Glad you had a lovely Mothers day!

Great blog as usual and the pics are fab, Thanks for sharing!

Love Hol x

Molly said...

I'm glad you had a nice Mothers Day together with all your children. Love the photos :)

Moll x x

Sarah's mum said...

Your mum had a great day too knowing that you were all together and relaxed for once! Love you all,
Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxx