Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Another line infection

Well, we are back in hospital again with another line infection. This was another hairy one. William was playing happily with his Thomas the tank engines and, all of a sudden, was found lying on the floor all pale and drousy. The ambulance came quickly and, as he was looking so awful, ended up blue lighting him. He was going into peripheral shut down again, when all the blood is sent to the vital organs, a sign of going into shock. He is still very hot and poorly today but has some colour back in his cheeks. We were very pleased to hear him ask for his favourite Thomas episodes again!

Paul is going back in hospital next week for bone grafts and another piece of metal work to hod things in place for the next 6 weeks. He will be in plaster a further 6 weeks. This is all much more complicated than we thought and his return to Glyndebourne this season will now have to be cancelled. At least he has a teaching job in Tonbridge for now but he is very concerned that the 2 years out of opera this accident has resulted in will be very hard to make up for.

Thank goodness for Mum and Dad who are here to hold the fort for the next 2 weeks while I run (probably literally in the name of marathon training!) between hospitals!


adam said...

hi sarah its adam, thought something was wrong with no resent posts, i look every day. i hope wills is getting better and hope your keepeing ok, try not to worry to much chicken legs. as always thinking of you all especially my little friend. hope to speak to you soon all my love adam.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Katie H said...

Hi Sarah

I hope that William is feeling much better again very soon, and that you manage to find a little time for yourself as well in the next few weeks.

Take care,

Katie H