Sunday, August 13, 2006

Well, Paul finally came home on Wednesday. It was all very sudden as he managed to do his flight of stairs and that was it. He called to say he would be home later that day. I was nowhere near ready and, with all William's IVs, had no time to be so at such short notice. The first couple of days were strange and I hardly seemed to have a second to myself with looking after Wills and Paul. Things are settling down as Paul gets more confidence to do things and we are getting used to being together again in these, rather strange, circumstances. We are also getting used to the shock of the accident and how we both feel about William. We haven't really had a chance to talk about our feelings in the last month and that is not healthy for a relationship when you have a child in William's situation. You have to talk about it or you bottle it up and build walls between each other. I know I have been doing this a bit over the last month and it takes time to open up again.

The main battle we are having at the moment is with our GP who, first of all, insisted that Paul presented his temporary registration form (Paul is still registered with the GP near his flat in Tooting) himself. So, I pushed him up in the wheelchair with William on his knee. This was very hard work as Paul weighs much more than me, even without William. When we have to get up and down kerbs, even with the ramps, I struggle to get enough weight on the back of the chair to lift it enough. The result is so comical that several people stopped to offer help and one guy even offered us a lift in the car. So, we got to the GP with the form and Paul's discharge letters and were told by the receptionist he had to come back in the morning. I explained that would be impossible beacuse of William on his TPN. The converstation went something like "Can't he get a cab" "No, he can't get his leg in a car unless it is a large one with plenty or leg room" "So what do you want me to do" (with more than a hint of sarcasm...) William's community nurses were left to sort it all out as they don't want me to get over stressed and tired and don't want me to clean Paul's pins for him because od cross infection risk into William's hickman line. They refused to come and give Paul a home visit but did send the district nurse. Paul will need some prescriptions at some point so we will have to get used to that wheelchair! It would be nice to go out and do something nice in it anyway - but with someone else so William can go in his own chair.

We have another busy week ahead with speech and language therapy and occupational therapy for William.The girls finally come home at the end of the week and I really can't wait to see them again!

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Tinypoppet said...

So glad Paul is home Sarah, I hope things begin to get back to a bit of normality for you, sending lots of love as always xxx