Thursday, August 24, 2006

Family fun!

Today was a most excellent day! William had a heart echo this morning and, for once, we got the all clear! He did have a branch pulmonary stenosis when he was a baby but this appears to have sloved itself, at least for the time being. Heart conditions are prevelent among children with the kind of syndromes William has. For now, all is well but he will be monitored for conditions such as cardiomyopathy throughout his childhood.

The rest of the day was devoted to the family fun day held by our chidren's hospital at home team. This was great! There were loads of games for the children to play, a magician, bubbles, Thomas the Tank Engine ball pond - much loved by William. The best thing of all for Hope was the sailing. She loved it and wants me to take her to the sailing club on Saturday mornings so she can do more. Ellie was too young to go sailing but had a great time having her face painted, playing games and watching the magic, maing new friends as always. There was even massage and aromatherapy for the parents. I have never had a massage before but was being very strongly encouraged to do so. I must say, it was amazingly relaxing, although a little painful at times due to the many knots. Just as all was silent and calm as we were finishing I was lept back into life suddenly by my phone ringing with William's OT - well, the minutes in my own world were great while they lasted! I actually felt dizzy when we were finished. It was a fantastic day, a lot of fun and all the children really enjoyed themselves. We won a raffle prize too - tickets for the Polka Theatre, a children's theatre in Wimbledon.


shadow said...

Been busy catching up on you today. Glad to hear William's heart is sounding good! What fun you all had at the fun day. So glad you got a well deserved relax too. Not long to go now and I finally get to meet you!!!!

Emmie said...

Hi Sarah
Sorry I haven't commented for a while, but like many people I expect, I always read your blog every few days. Sometimes the posts are so poignant or emotional that it can seem almost trivial to find a few words to add on the end. But I just wanted to say thank you to you for keeping this blog. It is so honest and real, it really does show the colours of life in all their shades and makes me feel that I can follow your story just a little bit.
Sending you lots of love, especially after having just read your latest entry about Alex and Riley :o(
Emma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

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