Thursday, August 07, 2008

Day 4 - Wishing we were back in our Chelsea Pad

William had a barium test today. The solution should have taken several hours to leave his stomach and travel through his small intestine. It began OK and looked normal....until he suddenly dumped the whole lot out in a gaseous explosion, just as we were told to go and come back in 40 mins unless the barium appeared. We had literally only just left the department and were about to go into the lift up to the ward. We went back to find he had dumped almost the whole lot and there was none left to coat the intestines for the final picture. It took him just over an hour. No wonder he has chronically high stoma losses!

I am struggling to settle here at the moment and really missing our own team and our own hospital. It is like moving schools in the middle of the year when everyone knows each other and you are the new kid on the block, not knowing who anyone is or how anything works.

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Toria said...

This all sounds so frustrating the hospital really should be more organised and more understanding of what a stressful time this is for you all.

One thing I would say is that when you are used to routine admissions that have a similar and predictable pattern (ie. for me go in for IV's, have physio, get better, go home) non-run-of-the-mill admissions can feel very tedious, drawn out and like no-one knows what is going on and no-one is in any real hurry to sort it out, probably in this case amplified by the worry and serious decisions that are about to be made.

It is frustrating, and they have no concept of the rest of the family you have to return to, but I guess we all just have to hope that they are thorough, you get all the information you feel you need, and that they agree to go ahead with the transplant, as from what you've written on here it seems the most sensible option at this point despite the risks.

Stay strong gorgeous lady and give that William a big cuddle from me