Saturday, March 08, 2008

A normal Saturday

The Milne family had a normal family Saturday today. There has not been many opportunities to blog such a thing lately . This morning, we went along to 'cycling for all' at our track. This is great. They are an organisation who have loads of adapted bikes for disabled people to ride around the track and, when they get a bit of confidence, around the 'country park' (as country as we get in Croydon/South Norwood) on a Saturday morning. Wills loves it. All three children do. They really enjoy an activity they can do together. The bike I use with Wills has two wheels at the front and he sits in a chair above. It does get a bit of getting used to as the slightest movement with one hand sends it zig zagging. I tried to obey William's demands for speed and push it a bit down one of the straights but this is definately a bike that prefers a steady pace (pictures in the gallery). We had loads of fun and Wills would keep going all morning. However, Paul was watching and pointed out how cold he was getting and so how cold Wills must be. The poor little mite was shivering from head to foot, still requesting we keep going. I guess I was keeping warm with the energy of pushing Wills on that big heavy machine. The children want to make that a regular activity and I am more than happy to oblige, perhaps for a short and sweet session until the weather warms up a bit.

After the cycling, we took the opportunity of having Paul and the car and hit Tesco. I have not been in a supermarket on a Saturday morning for about a year and don't intend to do so again for at least as long! Yikes! I couldn't think! Still, it was a normal family thing to do and I revelled in that. My children were all as bored and hyper as those all around us and William was as good at demanding a Thomas magazine as all the little darlings demanding sweets (including Ellie). They didn't get them.Hope went off to a chocolate party this afternoon and made some scrummy truffles and chocolate coated strawberries. After dropping her off Ellie, William and I went to the library. Wills was disappointed not to find a Thomas book but a story about honey biscuits that included a recipie. I think I know what we will be doing tomorrow afternoon. Wills loves smelling biscuits! They are his favourite food to smell.

Paul is at work and the little darlings are all now in bed. Wills was so tired he was asleep before I finished putting up his TPN. I would now open a bottle of red but I want to be up early in the morning to fit in a few miles before Paul goes off to sing in church. Have to settle for a cuppa instead while I watch casualty and other rubbish Saturday night TV. Long may things stay on this nice even keel

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