Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hope's first day

We are finally home from hospital and there is lots to post to catch up. This is a quickie though as I am about to go to bed. Hope started secondary school today. What a milestone day! She had a great day. I marked the day by having a "feel younger and fresher" hair cut. Much needed, not least after the weeks in hospital. The girls also had hair cuts and Hope had her first grown up layer cut. You can see that on the more relaxed, after school picture..

We are still up at the hospital every morning for IV drugs for yeast. William lost his line to a yeast infection that made him very poorly and we have to treat to protect the new one. I will post a longer entry to tell the whole story later in the week, after I have got all urgent work done!!


Rebecca said...

Awww, Hope looks very smart, and the haircut is lovely! Very nice haircut for you too! You look very different to the marathon photo with the cap on!

Glad to hear that you're finally home, and I really hope that William's line gets rid of the yeast and lasts a good long time for him.

Sending hugest big hugs!!!

Becky xxx

Tinypoppet said...

Girls look lovely and smart :)

Can't wait to see you next week!