Sunday, April 01, 2007

Not a good start to the Easter hols

On Wednesday, I was hoping we would just be in the hospital for 24 hours before William was declared fit and well and we were sent home again. Unfortunately, this was not to be and we are, once again, in the only too familiar world of separation. Wills in the hospital and me splitting myself between home and hospital. At least we are still in our local hospital and, up until Friday, I was able to split my time between William and the girls as Paul is home on Easter Vacation. However, this latest stay in the hospital has con-incided with Paul's return to some resemblance of his singing career and he has had 2 gigs this weekend, one taking up a whole day in Nottingham. So, the girls are back with Grandma and Grandad. It is heart breaking to be spending the start of yet another school holiday apart. They will come home later in the week, whatever happens, as with Paul home, we can at least share our time between the girls and William at the hospital and we hope to have him home later in the week. We had hoped he would be home tomorrow but, Wills being Wills, has had his good days and bad days and the consultant informing us that, if cultures are clear and Wills has no more temperature spikes, we could go home on Monday. Needless to say, William did spike today and has had to have a third IV antibiotic added in so we will be in hospital for at least 48 hours longer. He is still "neutrapenic, meaning his neutrophil levels are still very low and he has little immunity to infection. This means strict isolation and he is not allowed out of his room. One upsetting thing is that William's chest is very bad at the moment and, after looking at his X-ray, a doctor came in happily to inform me that it is fine, at the first look she thought it was looking rough but on comparison to an X-ray taken in January, it is the same and the "three patches" are "chronic changes" rather than acute pneumonia. I wasn't really sure this was good news!!!

I am so fed up with our "stop start" family life. With William and Paul's leg it does get too much. I have a lot more to say about this and other things but Paul is waiting to take me out for a meal to chew the cud and cheer me up! So, I will be off now and will blog more when I get the chance.


Shadow said...

Sending humungous hugs to you all, I can't imagine how difficult life must be the way you are living it lately. Fingers crossed you will all be home together very soon, meaning that William is feeling better again!!! Roll on the summer when bugs seem to be kept at bay for a while at least.

lots of love
Shadow xxx

diddyangel said...

Sorry you are having such a rough ride at the moment sweetie. Sending you humungous hugs and hope you are all home together very soon.