Sunday, February 04, 2007

Another quick update

This is just another very quick entry as I am home very briefly for tea and to collect William's TPN. I am keepnig diaries at the moment so will post a reflection on the last few weeks when we are home and back to normal.
William had his infected line out on Thursday and has spent the weekend with no Hickman Line at all, surviving on fluids (and IV antibiotics and antifungal treatments) only through a cannula in his hand. His infections were too bad for a new line to be inserted straight away. We are hoping to get the new one in tomorrow so he can go back onto TPN. We really hope so as it has taken at least 3 attempts to get cannulas into him as his veins are so scared from all the IVs he had before his port-a-cath and Hickman Lines. Once the line is in, we will move onto thinking about how we are going to keep the infections in his guts under control. This will probably involve antibiotics but, as I said before, this could cause more problems as the drugs would just sit there. William's gastric aspirate (that drains from his gastrostomy) is really yukky and and there is more of it than ever so there is a chance we will have to discuss the possibility of an illeostomy (a piece of intestine through the skin to enable the waste stitting in his gut) to drain out. William's consultant is covering the ward this week so we'll see what he thinks. Something needs to be done though as the poor thing is looking so pale and "bilious" with all this sitting in his stomach.

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Becky said...

Aw hun, so sorry to hear that William is still so poorly. Really hope that the antibiotics help soon, and that he can get his Hickman line back in soon too.

Sending you and William giant cyber hugs,

Becky, Seren & Dylan xxxxxxxx