Saturday, October 07, 2006

Jeans for Genes

Today was Jeans for Genes day and we decided to celebrate with a party! The girls invited friends round and they had loads of fun designing funky jeans outifts for paper dolls, as well as other usual party activities such as eating huge amounts of crisps and sweets! It was a great time to have fun and also raise awareness of genetic conditions. Earlier, Hope and Ellie talked about William and sold fundraising keyrings and mobile phone charms in their classroooms (although the school did not allow jeans to be worn or for the whole school to participate). In a way, this was nicer for the girls as they felt they were doing something special for William among their friends. In the meantime, William and I took the keyrings and charms to our local pharmacy and butcher who had agreed to sell them. The day finished with some friends round for some Mexican food and the "Are you a jeanious challenge!" Our night respite nurse is here this evening so she came early to join in. It was lovely to socialise with her as we are usually quick to bed to make the best of the rest (although we do share an interest in mindless TV such as Big Brothe and the X Factor, something Paul hates so I do often tarry a bit on bed time to gossip about the latest developments). Speaking od which, I really should be making the best of my night off nappy and bed changing, gastrostomy draining and pump alarm attendence and getting some sleep. Short and sweet tonight!

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