Monday, September 04, 2006

While Mummy was away running and making friends...

... the children were at the CHASE family fun day with Paul's Mum and Dad.

They had a fantastic time. The highlight for Ellie was meeting up again with her special friend who came with us to Legoland and has played with Ellie at the sibling day. They really are like two peas in a pod. Hope's highlight was the chocolate fountain! As for William, well, there was a miniture steam train so need I say more. He enjoyed riding on it and got very upset when he was removed from watching it, instead making a beeline back at every opportunity. He also met Piu, a CBEEBIES presenter who used to be Poo from the Teletubbies. I don't think he recognised her but he has a lovely signed photo for his collection.

Following such an exciting day yesterday, I found myself registering for Losely 10K, a run in aid of CHASE so my entry fee will go there which is great. I have absolutely no idea if I can do that but have 2 months to find out, as it is on November 5th. It is far too soon to do another sponsored event but if anyone reading this didn't get round to sponsoring me for the Hydro Active you can still use the Justgiving page ( - I really must learn how to do those hyer links) through October. Any little extra helps make smiley faces like those in the pictures above. I also decided today to join a running club. Well, if I am going to keep at this why do it in the cold and dark alone when I can finish in the clubhouse with a nice glass of wine, making new friends. I am realistic though and know I can only do this on tip top days when my lungs are really behving themselves and not at all tight and twitchy. I am so inspired by what Emily achieved yesterday with her tiny lungs and know I can make more of mine, cautiously though. I also find running such an amazing way to get rid of adrenaline caused by stress. After all, it is there for fight or flight! It also helps me think things through. Whether or not it is at all possible to keep going through the winter coughs and colds I don't know - time will tell.

Another big piece of news today is William is finally going into Great Ormond Street for 5 days on 25th September. This is not for the big tests he was due for but it will get him on their system which is a start.

Well, tomorrow is back to school. I don't know how I will manage William and Paul and school run. That will, no doubt, feature on tomorrow's blog (see Charlie - back to normal service here!). William has speech and language therapy tomorrow and fittings for his boots and foot supports on Wednesday. We are off to CHASE on Friday for a weekend of R and R - can't wait! This is especially good timing as next week is a crazy one with Opthamology on Monday, Grant, the gastro specialty nurse coming on Tuesday to take his jej-tube out (as it contains metal, not good in an MRI scanner) brain MRI scan Wednesday and Chelsea and Westminster for clinic and insertion of a new jej-tube on Friday!

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diddyangel said...

Oh what a busy week you have coming up!!
I just love reading your blogs and keeping up to date with it all.
It was so fantastic to finally meet you!!
I can't wait to catch up very soon.
Take care poppet